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What is “Pizza Game”?

Pizza Game is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) Avalanche on-chain game. It is based on a favorite childhood online game, the Cookie Clicker. The Avalanche chain was chosen because of its amazing community and the low gas fees as well as democratizing P2E, minting and trading of NFTs regardless of wallet size.

How to Start Playing?

You need to own a Pizza Chef NFT and stack them in a Pizzeria. Chefs are ERC721 NFTs and produce $PIZZA every minute while staked. Since $PIZZA is an ERC 20 token, players can trade them on popular exchanges such as Trader Joe.

Minting Chefs

Pizza Chefs

Chefs are ERC721 NFTs and each chef was minted for 1.5 AVAX. Players need to stake their Chefs in the Pizzeria where they produce $PIZZA per minute (1PPM) which you can claim and use to purchase tools. Also, as Chefs are NFTs they can be traded on popular sites such as NFTrade and TofuNFT.

Generation 0 (Gen 0) Chefs

There are a total of 10,000 Generation 0 (Gen0) Chefs which can be minted for 1.5 AVAX. After all the Gen0 Chefs are minted, and the game is launched, Gen1 will be available to mint.

Generation 1 (Gen-1) Chefs

Players can mint Gen-1 chefs for $PIZZA and $SODA which are the two main in-game currencies. All tokens from minting Gen1 Chefs will be burned.

Master Chef

Not all chefs are equal, you have a 5% chance that you will mint a Master Chef, who is more skilled and can cook $PIZZA 3 times faster which equals to 3 PPM.

Chef’s Tools

There are two ways to make more $PIZZA; either you get more chefs, or you mint more chef tools. Previously called upgrades, chef tools when staked in the Pizzeria will greatly increase $PIZZA production. The limit to staking is one tool per chef. These tools can be traded on popular sites such as NFTrade and TofuNFT.

The goal is to Cook as much $PIZZA as possible, earn and continue to level up your tools and dominate the Pizza industry.

Pizza Game Tokens Updated

The Tokenomics has been updated to provide the player and the community a more stable economy and the possibility of introducing new game modes to further grow the game.

The Pizzeria now emits a new token which is Pepperoni ($RONI), in addition to the existing tokens; $PIZZA and $SODA.


Pepperoni ($RONI) is a token in Pizza Game.

You can earn $RONI from a Pizzeria by staking Chefs and Tools.


$PIZZA is now a deflationary token inside the economy.


The Soda Stations will continue to be the main source of $SODA. $SODA is still burned by minting Tools, Pizzeria Skills and Espresso shots.

Energy Drink

Energy Drinks are added as a new mechanic to Pizza Game. With these drinks you can boost your $RONI production for a small amount of $PIZZA.

Pizzeria Changes

More changes are being introduced as the Pizza Game continues to improve the game and the game economy.

Pizza Factory

Pizza Factory is a new mode in Pizza Game. The main goals of this mode are the following:

-Make it less expensive to participate in Pizza Game

-Players will be in control of the low-cost economy

-Chefs and Master Chefs will have more utility

-Provide another path to improving the Pizzeria and Soda Station

In the new Pizza Factory mode players will be able to create custom Robot Assistants and Robot Chefs with special benefits. Players will be able to mint Robot Assistants and then sell them in the open markets. However, Robot Assistants cannot use chefs’ tools.

Robot Chefs:

Robot Chefs are the improved versions of the Chefs. Players need to burn a Chef in order to mint a Robot Chef. To create new Robot Chefs, players need Chefs or Master Chefs, $PIZZA and Motherboards which are created by scraping Robot Assistants. Players will also need a new skill from the Skill Tree to learn how to create a Robot Chef. Existing Robot Chefs can be upgraded to earn new traits.

Robot Assistants:

Players need $PIZZA and Robot Fragments in order to create a new Robot Assistant. Robot Fragments can be created by staking Chefs, Master Chefs or Robot Assistants in the Pizza Factory. Chef Assistants can have different traits, players need to decide what traits they want for their Chef Assistants, and they pay for it with $PIZZA and robot pieces. Players can have an unlimited number of Robot Assistants.

Pizza Factory Skill Tree

The Skill Tree introduced by the Pizza Factory will be different from the one in the Pizzeria and Soda Station. This one will not be based on level, but each note will have a cost of $RONI or $SODA and Robot Fragments. Players should choose the upgrades carefully since you will not be able to reset the Skill Tree.

Boba Tea

This drink which costs 1 $RONI per FPD is the newest consumable for the Pizza Factory, it improves the Robot Fragments generation by 100% for 24 hours.

Soda Tokenomics Rework

The purpose of the Soda Tokenomics rework is to contribute to the overall game economy as well as long-term sustainability of the game by providing a healthier economy to the $SODA token.

$SODA is the main utility token within the Pizza Game. It is needed to keep the Pizzeria running, and Espresso Shots and Pizzeria Skills will also contribute to the improvement of its operation.

When the game started, $SODA was scarce, and the Soda Fountain was the only way to obtain it. As the game evolved and Soda Station was introduced and the Pizza tokenomics was reworked, the dynamics of $SODA also changed.

Changing the dynamics of $SODA aimed to accomplish three goals; extend its use, strengthen its liquidity and adjust its emissions.


Players need to be aware of the mechanics of Chef’s Fatigue. As Chefs get fatigued, their productivity will decrease. Chefs need to rest and recover which will require them to be unstaked and locked up to rest for at least 12 hours.


Occasionally Mafia Bosses will show up at the Pizzerias and ask for 50% of every Pizza claimed in the Pizzerias. The community can bribe the Mafia away by working together. After the Mafia Boss is defeated, each Bribe gives one ticket to the raffle.

Changes are introduced to the Mafia Bosses, with the aim to reward the players who are contributing to the Mafia bribe pool, by giving them individual benefits in addition to the raffle tickets. This additional reward is expected to encourage players to contribute at least their minimum bribe amount, which is expected to lead to a fairer distribution of the bribe pool instead of to a few whales.

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