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Path of Survival
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Path of Survival is a Play-to-Earn RPG game consisting of real-time battles fought on each turn. Players have to survive by farming currencies and itemized NFTs. Using these, they have to upgrade their characters and equip them with various armory, weaponry, jewelry, and a lot more. The progress of players is determined by the different game modes they have participated in. The more the player levels up, the better their character becomes. All players compete for a spot on the leaderboard by dominating others. Deviating from the traditional RPG games, Path of Survival doesn’t have in-game gold coins or gems. Rather, it uses NFTs for items, characters, and pets, using blockchain technology for its players. Practically, all the game items can be traded in the in-game marketplace or minted on the blockchain.

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Path of Survival - P2E MMORPG gem!
Path of Survival - Game UI 2.0 Teaser