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Panzerdogs is a game developer, a Solana NFT gaming project where players can own all their in-game assets and use them for P2E and P2P battles. The game is built to play directly on mobile and desktop browsers. It is a P&E brawler game that has cute dogs in tanks battling for victory with game-strategy to keep the game FUN over time. This game is a twin-stick tank brawler with both P2E and PvP elements, where users compete their NFT Dog Commanders and Tanks alongside teammates and enemies. Minted for 1 SOL, this Solana NFT collection comprised of 5555 dogs is looking to launch on both web and mobile. Panzerdogs tanks are in-game assets that can be crafted and personalized by each player. This process will cost both $PANZR and $SCRAP. Panzerdog has a two-token system: $PANZR: Governance Token (like AXS in Axie) $SCRAP: Utility Token (like SLP in Axie) Each tank will be made from 3 components: Tracks, Chassis and Turrets. These parts can vary in rarity and special abilities, adding a fun strategy dynamic to the gameplay. Although not inherently an NFT, players can mint and trade them for additional cost.

Panzerdogs Content

Panzerdogs Alpha Build Season 0 - Launch Trailer
Panzerdogs - Astro Map Trailer