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One World Nation is a Cryptoverse set on the planet Crypton, inhabited by clans of species called Cryptonites - each clan representing a Crypto. OWN Cryptoverse is a world where your favourite crypto-coins come to life. Imagine if Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc. were represented by a Warrior - Cryptonite. Where each Cryptonite has a backstory, aspiration & a reason for existence. Each Cryptonite will have a superpower and abilities which will make them unique from others. These Cryptonites can breed with each other and hence a new civilisation of Cryptonite will flourish on planet Crypton. The Cryptoverse will also have interesting games like Fantasy, Prediction, Cryptonite racing linked to Crypto Markets. The players can collect these Cryptonites, play these games on the platform and earn money. At One World Nation (OWN) the Crypto ecosystem is being gamified to push the Crypto space forward. People can play fun games around crypto markets, earn a lot of rewards & learn more around crypto during the process.

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