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MotoGP™ Ignition is dedicated to fans of the motorsport, featuring an NFT and Collectible game model. It lets you earn $REVV tokens as you win races to upgrade your motorcycle, racer, or purchase new ones. You can also purchase trophies, parts, equipment, liveries, and more to add more value to your in-game portfolio. The game features two gameplay types; racing management and collectibles. While this means that you won’t be racing the motorcycle on your own, but you can expect an accurate and realistic management experience for a MotoGP™ event. As a manager, you can compete against the bots while trying to win the MotoGP™ trophy, or you can compete against other players directly as well. Up to 12 players can join a single session to truly give you the competitive feel a manager is likely to feel in reality. You can earn daily, weekly, or monthly awards during in-game events. At the end of the event, you have the option to win big, even when starting out, provided you made the right decisions. When done, you can sell or trade your NFTs to other players for a hefty boost to your game revenue.

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