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A game with a unique setting and 3rd person play-to-earn model, Moonray has players take control of a samurai-isq player traversing the challenges of an elemental landscape. The goal is to fight for the survival of the planet. The intense hack and slash combat, music, and landscapes make up for a great 3rd person RPG. As you continue with the story, the open world player vs environment nature of the game unlocks new abilities for you to use and master. Your player is your personal NFT that you can upgrade with the help of the tokens you earn, hence adding value to your digital portfolio. It is one of the few games that use bitcoin ($BTC) tokens, hence offering immense earning potential. And when you are looking for a challenge, you can play against other players as well. The game features 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, or large-scale (50+) Battle Royale playstyles as well. You can loot tokens, rewards, and NFTs in-game while exploring the relentless world. The game is rightly classified as a next-gen action game that not only lets you invest in your player as an NFT, but land, buildings, and skyscrapers as well!

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