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Web3 esports gaming. Build your dream team, compete against real players and climb the ranks. MonkeyLeague is a turn-based soccer game deployed on the Solana blockchain. Currently in closed beta, the title is set to launch in Q4 2022. Players must build a team of MonkeyPlayer NFTs to climb the league ranks, earning the game's native token $MBS for match and tournament wins. MonkeyLeague is a strategy based Web3 esports game that’s easy to learn yet hard to master. Build a team, compete against real players, climb the Leagues, and earn MonkeyBucks $MBS, which is the main currency driving the game economy. It is used for game features and can be earned through gameplay. MonkeyPlayers and Stadiums are the two main types of player-owned NFT game assets in this game. MonkeyLeague is excited to kick off its first-ever Breeding Season on October 26th. Breeding is a feature that allows holders of two or more Monkey NFTs to breed them together to generate additional MonkeyPlayer NFTs. This feature allows players to fill out their team, create more teams, or trade them. The Breeding feature will be guided by seasons or themes, where those that participate can receive limited edition traits in their new MonkeyPlayers. MonkeyLeague’s first Breeding Season will be themed around their recent partner AC Milan, where limited edition AC Milan branded traits will come out in the new Monkeys. To participate, gamers must hold two MonkeyPlayer NFTs and a Breeding Capsule to breed new players. Each MonkeyPlayer can breed up to four times. The first time is free, and subsequent breeds cost an increasing percentage of the current average Gen Zero MonkeyPlayer sale price. The initial Breeding Capsule sale is strictly reserved for a limited number of players with the "MonkeyPioneer" role in the MonkeyLeague Discord server. Becoming a MonkeyPioneer requires server members to verify that they hold a MonkeyPlayer NFT. This widely anticipated feature launches as initial MonkeyLeague game versions are planned to be released during Q4 2022.

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