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Mighty Bear Games studio is a new kind of games studio bringing the future of online multiplayer to a universal audience. Mighty Bear make the next generation of massively multiplayer online games that combine the depth of desktop gaming with the accessibility of mobile. The company is launching its first Web3 game, Mighty Action Heroes, later this year. The game is a multiplayer third-person battle royale that puts an emphasis on fun, skill, and chaos. The battle royale game will probably have 60 players going head-to-head, with a browser-based version of the game coming first and mobile versions coming after that. It will be a multiplatform title. The game has a dynamic gameplay, and it will have a focus on esports gaming. Mighty Bear is focused on eliminating the traditional barriers to entry to blockchain gaming to engage non-crypto native and crypto native communities alike. Players will be able to own their assets and trade them freely with each other.

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