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At its core, MetaOne is a comprehensive enabler and force multiplier for the GameFi space. By combining analytics, guild management, NFT asset management, and investment opportunities into a single platform, MetaOne offers an unparalleled level of transparency and functionality for all of the stakeholders in the GameFi ecosystem. MetaOne is not designed to compete with guilds or game developers, but rather to empower them with data and tools to increase their revenue potential. Specifically, theywant to simplify the transition to GameFi for gamers, provide valuable data-driven insights, ensure GameFi NFT assets are handled in “high-assurance” mode, and become GameFi’s largest app store/STEAM equivalent. The foundation of MetaOne’s revenue model is to capture the value running through their smart contracts, including NFT asset leasing and staking, and to charge a membership fee for access to a higher tier of features. Initially, all booked revenue will be denominated in USDC. The MetaOne token ($METAONE) is the native token of its ecosystem. It will be launched initially as a BEP-20 token on Binance Chain. Aside from investment, distribution will be handled through an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and an LP bond mechanism. Utility is predicated on incentivising holders to keep their tokens instead of speculating on price movements. This includes staking, access to our premium NFT passes, and governance. The token generation event is planned for Q4 2022. MetaOne has already launched its live beta platform, onboarded 27 GameFi titles, 36 GameFi game guilds, and 120 traditional game guilds, and deployed its asset management smart contracts on 4 chains. They plan to officially launch the platform in Q3 2022

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