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Whether you choose to be an orc, knight, magician, or more, Metananos is a PvP and PvE game that features a wide number of missions and minigames for you to enjoy. Each mission requires unique equipment, which you can purchase with the $NANO token or by exploring the in-game universe. As you explore the metaverse, you will be able to improve your character not only with the equipment of your own faction, but of others’ as well. As an orc, you can incorporate magic elements or that of the Robot faction, elves, animals, and more. This means that Metananos offers limitless versatility in terms of how you can upgrade your character, skill, and ability wise as well as its aesthetics. Metananos is an action-adventure game where you will be on the hunt for a mysterious gem and will explore the metaverse to its fullest – or you can simply purchase NFTs such as real estate or more and focus on passive income opportunities. Collect NFTs, stake your $METANANO tokens, and more as you play with or against others in this action-adventure game!

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