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Mech MasterUnder development
-Binance Smart Chain  
Take the reins of some of the most advanced robots in Mech Master, a turn-based strategy RPG game. In the near future, hostile aliens invaded Earth – and we were not ready. So they sent a message back in time to help you prepare and use the future’s technology to change what happened. In Mech Master, you make your own mecha to help the world get ready for the incoming alien invasion while creating a new, empowered civilization on Earth and beyond. Become a part of this race to save humans and create a legacy outshining all others. From unique skins to abilities, buildings, and more, you get to manage it all with $MECH tokens at the base. You will need to use everything you have, including the staking options, to ensure the survival of your species!

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Mech Master Legion Hangar VR Footage
MECH MASTER - The first mecha game on blockchain