MAFIAFOOTUnder development
-Binance Smart Chain  
MAFIAFOOT is a strategy game dedicated to football fans. In this play-to-earn (P2E) game, you will be the manager of a football club and create your own tycoon. As you start from the beginning, you will tackle robots as well as other real tycoon managers (players), hence featuring a PvP model. You will earn the $MFF token every day and with each win, which you can use to buy new players, improve the team stats, or convert into other currency. As your team evolves, even without winning, you will be able to earn more $MFF, thanks to the sports-oriented NFTs that your team will have. From the customizable uniforms and liveries to the players themselves, they will all be the NFTs that you can buy, trade, or sell in the market. The game features regular tournaments and events, winning which will further improve your winnings. The game has you collect cards for different players, ranging from the goalie to attackers, defenders, captains, and more – each featuring a unique set of skills and attributes.