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Klang Games is an independent game development studio that develops next generation games. At the heart of Klang is Seed, a large-scale, persistent virtual world that is believed will redefine the MMO landscape and have a positive impact on the human species. Klang Games is pushing the limits of what constitutes an MMO world with SEED, a persistent, large-scale virtual world in which players shape their realities. Set in the new world of Avesta. SEED offers players a platform where they can explore, participate in a player-driven economy, self-govern, and contribute to their community. SEED is experienced through its AI-driven virtual humans, called Seedlings. Seedlings are customizable, allowing for creative player expression, and rely on the active caretaking skills of the players. Currently in the Pre-Alpha state, SEED’s focus is on creating an online space where people can connect, work together, and build strong communities. Founded in 2013, Klang Games is a diverse, inclusive team of individuals working to create a meaningful game that fosters community building and collaboration. Together with the community, Klang aims to create a game that is not only fun to play but also has a positive impact on the world

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