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KaraStar is a P2E open digital metaverse of pets, Karas, that allows players to build, explore and get bonuses with love and peace, contributing your emotions and care. It allows you to build a virtual universe, and earn UMY by different means, which are Kara's favorite food and also the game's native currency, which you can sell and trade to circulate in the market. The Karas are cute little pets in the KaraSpace universe that is divided into 9 galaxies, each having its own names, powers, and Karas with unique attributes. The Mother Planet is the main planet, which is the birthplace of all creators. You can own plots on the Mother Planet and start building your Kara Kingdom by collecting in-game items to decorate your land, protecting your lands from other emperors, and making them unique through Exploration, Mining, Looting, and totems.

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