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Infinity ArenaUnder development
-Binance Smart Chain  
Infinity Arena is a P2E blockchain-based game with a galactic theme. In this game, users become a part of the Infinity Arena Universe where they can earn INAZ (Infinity Arena Zorenium Token) and INAG (Infinity Arena Gem Token) in different ways. For instance, they can earn INAZ through mining, rent commission, and completing PvE/PvP tournaments. Using this token, they can pay commission or tax on mining or rent, improve mining power via land/planet staking, and pay for healing, mining tool upgrades, and training services. They can also purchase NFT card decks, buy lucky tickets, and stake different NFTs. Similarly, with INAG, users can engage in PvE/PvP betting and pay for more Arena services. The gameplay consists of different modes, mining & planting, fighting, card trading, and Arena services, all of which allow users to earn and trade virtual assets.

Infinity Arena Content

INFINITY ARENA | Demo Game | V1.0
[Infinity Arena] Conquer the metaverse space and play to earn