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Imperium Empires is a AAA, Play-and-Earn, 3rd Person RTS space strategy game that offers players a variety of PvE, PvP, and economic activities to participate in.

Asteroids, Spaceships, and Mining in Imperium Empires

In Imperium Empires, players can explore various zones in the Imperium Metaverse, where they will find asteroids rich in minerals and ores that can be used to build and upgrade structures, or selling refined ores for IMC. Some spaceships are designed specifically for mining, and players can fit them with mining equipment to increase mining efficiency and capacity. However, some mining sites are guarded by local inhabitants that players must defeat before they can start mining.The mined ores are stored on spaceships and shipped to refineries for further processing. After refining, they are sold to the Cooperation for IMC or used to construct buildings on lands.

Play-to-Earn Opportunities in Imperium Empires

Imperium Empires offers players a variety of play-to-earn opportunities, including taking control of territories in different combat zones, building structures for more rewards, and competing for seasonal tournament rewards.

IME Governance Token in Imperium Empires

IME is the governance token of Imperium Empires, and players can earn it by winning seasonal tournament rewards or looting destroyed spaceships. All NFTs in the game, such as spaceships, components, blueprints, and crew members, are priced in IME and can be traded on the game's official NFT marketplace. Additionally, guild leaders and members can stake IME to level up their guilds and unlock more perks, while investors can buy and stake IME to earn more.

IMC Currency Token in Imperium Empires

IMC is the currency token of Imperium Empires, and players can earn;

-By selling refined ores

-From rewards distributed by guilds

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