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HoneyWood is a new addition to blockchain-based games that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by playing. The concept is similar to the popular game Candy Crush Saga, except instead of earning points and coins, you are rewarded with HoneyWood's own HoneyCoin. On top of that, there's CONE, a utility coin that may be produced through tree planting. Staking it can generate a passive revenue stream. Players can also fight other players in PvP battles and win their gold coins. Players can sell and buy in-game items and NFTs in the market. NFTs in games can take the form of anything from bees to bears. The game store and marketplace will be open to all players automatically.

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HoneyWood| Tutorial| New P&E Crypto Game NFT Blockchain P2E
HoneyWood| PVP mode| New P&E Crypto Game NFT Blockchain P2E