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Halliday is the world's first solution to enable ownership of blockchain game and metaverse assets through later payment. Its mission is to empower players by making ownership of game NFTs more accessible. Halliday integrates directly with games and marketplaces as an alternative payment option at checkout, offering players a seamless way to secure ownership and pay for their NFT over time. Buy gaming & metaverse NFTs and start using them right away. Gain full ownership after a few easy payments. The Halliday button is available directly in game marketplaces. Check out and start using your NFT in seconds. Pay with crypto or traditional payment methods like credit cards – whatever's easiest for you. Pick an NFT you like on one of our partner marketplaces, and check out with the Halliday button. Once we provide funds and the NFT is purchased, ownership is transferred to Halliday, but you can immediately start using it in-game. Make easy payments over a couple of months to pay for the NFT and become the official owner!

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