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Trial Xtreme is coming to the blockchain and leading the world’s first Web3-powered, decentralized competitive gaming ecosystem. This would be the first time that the competitive extreme sport’s players will be able to compete, buy, evolve, and trade in constantly changing, realistic, exciting, and challenging tracks and environments. The players would be part of the game ecosystem and will influence the way the game will be played by the entire community and take real part in the game ownership and success. The most fearless and dedicated players will be introduced to the special characters, vehicles, workshops as well as amazingly well-designed challenging tracks. There will be special tournaments, a sophisticated matchmaking system, skills-based competitive sport games arena and never-seen-before user-generated content system. This decentralized ecosystem makes it all a never-ending player experience. Top riders from all over the world will participate in the world cup and earn the most prestigious and unique awards available in the games’ ecosystem.

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