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Galactic Arena: The NFTverse
-Binance Smart Chain  

Galactic Arena is a blockchain-based NFT game that operates on the Binance Smart Chain. The game aims to solve the problem of NFT characters being locked into their original game and losing their value if the game becomes obsolete or fails. Galactic Arena allows NFT characters from various games to connect to the game and operate within the local environment, earning rewards and upgrading themselves to increase their inherent value.


Players can choose to purchase characters within the game or migrate their NFT characters from other games. Once successfully migrated, they can upgrade their character to compete in different events, such as real-time Player vs Player battles called "The Cage," where users can fight against each other and place wagers on the outcome.

Game Token

$GAN is a BEP-20 token currently running on the Binance Smart Chain. $GAN token is the native currency to the Galactic Arena ecosystem.

Native vs.Visiting Characters

Galactic Arena is the first game to offer both Native and Visiting Characters. Native Characters are characters that are native NFTs of Galactic Arena: The NFTverse. Players can purchase Native Characters for $GAN 3000 each. Native Characters do not have to hold a minimum amount of $GAN in order to participate in battles.

Visiting Characters are NFT characters brought into the game from other games.

Currently, the game has six Native Characters: Goken Sensei, Suki Sunoda, Master Khan, Cyntax, Cyrax, and Formax. The game allows players to migrate their NFT characters from other games, such as Cryptozoon and Polkamonster. Once successfully migrated, Visiting Characters are set to the DEFAULT Rank Bronze 1 LvL 1. Visiting characters must stake a minimum of $GAN 2,500 per NFT in order to participate in "The Carnival'' mode. Once migrated heroes reach Rank Bronze 2, they are able to earn $GAN from participation in "The Carnival". The minimum staking time is 24 hours, and users may withdraw their $GAN from staking once the minimum 24-hour time period has passed since their last spin. Visiting characters must also hold $GAN 2,500 in their wallets.

Galactic Arena Mission

Galactic Arena's mission is to become the largest Gaming NFT playground where users can migrate their NFT characters from other games and wager them in battle. Its vision is to inter-connect users who own NFT assets from different games across the blockchain industry and empower them to rejuvenate or increase the value of their NFT assets in a fun, interactive, safe, and sustainable way. To start playing the game, a user only needs an online wallet to connect with their gaming profile.

In conclusion, Galactic Arena is a unique NFT game that allows players to connect their NFT characters from various games and increase their inherent value. Its real-time Player vs Player battles and the ability to migrate NFT characters make it a fun and engaging game for blockchain enthusiasts.

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