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MAKE YOUR WORKOUT REWARDING WITH FITMINT The ultimate fitness app that tracks your workouts and rewards you with $FITT tokens for each calorie you burn. Play your calories away. Work out with an app that'll keep you hooked & driven - just like your favorite game! You will level upward as you keep playing. Share your workouts with fitness buddies across the globe and challenge each other. Get Fit to Get $FITT: With your exclusive Sneaker NFT, earn $FITT Tokens for every calorie you burn - be it walking, running, swimming, cycling or playing sports! Get complete access to the game: Use $FITT for in-game activities - Level Upgrade, Sneaker Crafting, Sneaker Customization, Fitness challenges & etc. Experience real world utility: Unlock access to $FITT-exclusive offers with brands across categories - gyms, health insurance, merchandise and more Win staking rewards: Stake your $FITT early on and get a chance to win rewards like free Sneaker NFTs & Crafting Anvils. It's quite easy to start: STEP 1 : Download Fitmint: Get the latest version of our beta app from the App Store or Play Store STEP 2 :Buy sneaker NFT: Get your exclusive Sneaker NFT to supercharge your fitness journey STEP 3: Workout & earn. As you work out & burn calories, you keep earning $FITT Tokens! STEP 4: Play & earn more: Use FITT tokens to upgrade your sneaker, boost energy & more

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