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-Binance Smart Chain  

Farcana is a revolutionary gaming metaverse that bridges the game with the real world. The storyline revolves around the planet Mars becoming habitable due to a nuclear explosion and resulting in people defending a nuclear power plant on the planet. Powered by the company's own mining power and supported by the Binance Smart Chain, this game is a play-to-hash subgenre of game-fi P2P. Players can participate in yearly, monthly, and daily competitions, showcase their skills and win hundreds of Bitcoins. Moreover, the Farcana Token can be used to purchase and trade several NFT assets in the game. Farcana has raised the bar for P2E games, providing a chance for everyone to play and profit from bitcoins. The prize pool and game have a sustainable cyclic economy since the play-to-hash game mechanics are entirely supported by the company's internal mining power.


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Farcana — Official promo trailer
Farcana Official Trailer

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