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Endless Siege lives up to its name, giving you a chance to continue earning with procedurally generated levels and waves as you protect your realm’s walls against orcs. Each wave has a higher level of difficulty, so the tower defense game is sure to test your placement and selection strategy on every step. You get the option to change your tower layout and make upgrades to your wall after every 10 levels. The more you upgrade, the higher your NFTs (realm wall and towers) value, and therefore, the more you earn. From crossbows to fire towers, there are four basic tower types that you can upgrade in this android and web-based play-to-earn game. You will need to make room for your towers before you place them, though! You earn the $WAX token after every 10 levels. How much you earn will improve as you continue to play. Upgrade your towers, citizens, and heroes and defend the fort at all costs and make the most out of your NFT in this tower-defense game!

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