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Drunk Robots
-Binance Smart Chain  
Drunk Robots is also a play-to-earn game built entirely on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). As the name of the game suggests, the game revolves entirely around Drunken Robots that want to drink metal beer and create havoc across the land. You can collect different Drunk Robots Characters across the platform as well. The tokens used in the game are METAL, and you can earn these tokens and add them to your crypto wallet as well. The game consists of PvP battles, Drunk Races, Scavenging, and even a few mini-games, all of which can earn you lucrative rewards, which include METAL for your wallet as well.

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Drunk Robots | A P2E Game with amazing art and huge benefits!
Drunk Robots - Announcement Teaser Trailer OFFICIAL. Play to Earn