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-Binance Smart Chain  
Donely is the NFT gameplay that allows players to earn DOB tokens, and it is an excellent choice for individuals who enjoy playing farming games. In the game, everyone on the planet has to get ready for a massive exodus that happened a long time ago. The mission to find new worlds and escape the pandemic will be led by a gigantic spaceship, which will be responsible for picking the most capable citizens. On a planet in the shape of a donut, there are six sets of canine companions. They have given the planet with the pink atmosphere the name Donely. There, you will rise through the ranks of society and contribute to the growth of the Donely planet. Donely has transformed into a cutting-edge and well-developed world thanks to its citizens' toil and ingenuity over the last few decades. Because of this, Donely became the focus of numerous other forces looking for and wanting to seize control of the area.

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Donely - NFT game 2022
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