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A new NFT game, Derby Stars is oriented towards Play To Earn, in a metaverse full of various unique horses. Players own a variety of NFT horses and race them in Derby Stars. Players can also breed, grow, build and trade their horses as well as train their horses over a long period of time through the in-game training system, and race against other players using the stats, talents and skills of each horse. During this process, players can feed the horse with special food to awaken its hidden abilities, and feeding can also level up player’s horses. If a horse wins the first place in the race, the player can earn lots of rewards, and horses with numerous championship history will serve as excellent stallions in breeding. Race for dominance in this highly addictive derby stars championship. In this game, you can ride your stallion horse to dodge and jump over the obstacles. Unfortunately, there are greedy cowboys in this horse derby racing field, they will try to catch and defeat you in this racing rivals. So you need to be careful and have to eliminate each and every cowboy from the horse racing field. Select the best unicorn based on your experience and ride him for victory. Complete all levels of stallion game & race to become the best riding champion.

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