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DefinaBeta testing
-Binance Smart Chain  

Defina is an online NFT game that uses blockchain technology to give players complete ownership of their digital assets. Players can choose to monetize these assets by training and playing.

Set in a highly intricate universe full of different factions, organizations, and worlds, players in Defina have to acquire their NFT Heroes by minting the mystery boxes or buying/trading them in the marketplace. Heroes have different skillsets and elements, which further define your playing style.

Players must fight battles using their best NFT Hero team composition and incorporating different strategies. To earn rewards such as the Defina Metaverse token, players must win battles or do other daily tasks. Defina will definitely make your experience a highly enjoyable one as players are quite unlikely to ever be bored of it.

Defina Content

Are you ready? 29/11/2021 Open Beta!🔥🔥🔥Defina Finance-Play to Earn
Defina Squid Game Mode Lost City Map Sneak Peak!

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