Deepspace Profile


DEEPSPACEUnder development
-Binance Smart Chain  
Deepspace is a Play-to-Earn space metaverse exploration strategy game where players can earn cryptocurrencies and other digital assets as passive income. There are several options to earn profit from the game. You, as the player, have to always be on your toes, whether it is about combat strategy, space exploration, mining, or upgrading and trading your ships. Your in-game NFT starship assets are key to your success. Players have the option to explore and mine planets to harvest resources that they can use for various purposes. Using a turn-based combat system, Deepspace tests the players’ decision-making skills while they fight for top positions on the leaderboards.


DEEPSPACE (DPS) Game Beta Trailer (ft. Asteroid Mining)
DEEPSPACE (DPS) Game Beta Promo (in-game footage)