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CyberKongz is a new breed of digital assets. They are digital collectibles designed for use in the blockchain gaming market. Each CyberKongz has its own unique set of attributes that make it stand out from other CyberKongz. CyberKongz can be used to create avatars, caricatures, or bitmojisavatars for social media profiles or other uses such as trading card games or MMO games. The CyberKongz avatar marketplace is the most diverse marketplace for avatars on the blockchain. Stage one of CyberKongz is the VX Launch stage. On Level 2, you will find the Banana Shop, where you may buy unique CyberKongz VX gear to outfit your avatar for use in the community's Metaverse games, expanding to two more levels.

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Earn $140
000 Every Year Holding this NFT | CyberKongz NFTs