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1:17 PM · Jun 6, 2022

Why am I bullish on @avalancheavax #web3 gaming prospects? Well, today, @playcastlecrush, a game developed by @wildlifestudios just started minting NFTs for WL spots. You can get a Founder chest (35 AVAX) or Ascenders (3.5 AVAX).
Is this a big deal? Yes!

11:31 AM · Jun 1, 2022

I believe that this is only the beginning for @PlayCrabada.
The team is amazing and has been taking feedback from everyone including myself on how to stabilize the economy by focusing on $TUS burns and lower idle game rewards.

5:29 PM · May 25, 2022

#web3 games need to market like #web2 games to make it. Game development is a business.
The high-level difference between web3 and web2 is that value accrues to both the players and game developers. This also means that the risk is also distributed to both parties.

10:52 AM · May 23, 2022

1/ We're in an experimental phase with #GameFi #P2E economics. There are many different token and reward models. @SnailTrailGame has an interesting model which seems to be on the path to sustainability.
$SNAIL has reduced net emission by 350k tokens since launch 👇

1:01 AM · May 3, 2022

1/ Back in action! Sorry for being on a hiatus for so long. First, a personal update, I'm now fully dedicated to web3!
Today was my last day on my 2-week notice. Second, we've ramped up @p2eanalytics, so expect some news, frequent feature additions and #p2e content!

6:31 PM · Apr 5, 2022

1/ @PlayCrabada #P2E economy update!
Let's dig in. We'll start with $TUS minting and burning which impacts inflation.
Based on the below chart from the @p2eanalytics #GameFi hub, you'll see that, as expected, minting new $TUS has steadily increased due to higher # of crabs.

7:15 PM · Mar 27, 2022

1/ Crabada economy and ROI update using some charts from @P2EAnalytics!
@PlayCrabada is the #1 #P2E game on @avalancheavax .

1) @P2EAnalytics Discord will be live tomorrow
2) Site will go live Tuesday/Wednesday

Inflation: it's been 0.20-0.45% this week which is good,

12:27 PM · Mar 17, 2022
1/ Major improvements in the @PlayCrabada economy!

A) Net inflation down to 0.2%! Driven by higher breeding and lower emission, likely due to more crabs either looting or renting.
B) Marketplace fees jumped. I added an annualized revenue metric in USD...
1:15 PM · Mar 12, 2022
1/ As promised, a summarized comparison of @PlayCrabada and @AxieInfinity .

In this thread I will cover gameplay, tokenomics, ROI impact and the teams.
This is my high level view and is not meant to be a comprehensive coverage.
11:49 PM · Mar 6, 2022
Time for the weekly @PlayCrabada Economy update!

A) Net inflation ticked up to 0.6%; good news is that breeding has stabilized
B) Both marketplace and tavern fees were higher, potentially pointing to increase in activity C) TUS holder count growth accelerated!
1:31 AM · Feb 28, 2022
As promised, I've pulled together the latest on the @PlayCrabada economy as well as an ROI guide. To start, let's look at $TUS inflation:

A) Net inflation is flat at 0.5% compared to 2/20. Both emission and breeding are steady (surprisingly)
B) Marketplace activity has declined