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-Binance Smart Chain  
If you are looking for a unique RTS game with an equally unique earning model, City States: Medieval is here to deliver. Based on the Stellar Network, this mobile game rewards resource collection in real-time profits. The more extensive your base is, the higher your rank will be, and the more resources you will collect. These resources can be turned into real profits at any time, hence giving you a quick and easy way to earn rewards. But be careful; the prices of these commodities rise and fall based on demand and supply, so make sure you collect the right resource at the right time! When tired of resource gathering or base-expansion, CS:M offers a PvP mode as well where attack and armor couple with your strategy to give you a unique edge over the rest. The game uses HEX as its in-game currency, but when needed, you can convert it into other coins as well for a pay-out.

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