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Chronos: Dawn Of TimeUnder development

Chronos: Dawn of Time is a game that allows you to build your empire and fight fierce enemies along the way. It is a 2-D post-apocalyptic RPG game, where you explore the dawn of time. In the game, you can level up your character’s abilities and stats based on your playing style.

You can play as a mage, a brawler, a god, or a cyborg. You will be able to fight in the dungeons against other monsters, and other players to collect loot. You can also improve your build and expand your village along the way.

There is also the ability to craft NFTs and use the in-game currency for the chance to earn daily Ethereum rewards.


Chronos: Dawn Of Time Content

Chronos - First Gameplay Teaser
Chronos X KManuS88 - Gameplay Teaser

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