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-Binance Smart Chain  
The AQUANEE project is a game ecosystem built on platform blockchain. The AQUANEE ecosystem includes the game project, DEX, and an NFT marketplace. It strives to create the most value-driven blockchain game driven by entertainment. AQUANEE is a world inspired by ocean creatures. All players can hatch and train their pet named AQUA (NFT). Players are incentivized through the NEE tokens, which is earned by refining game skills and contributing to the ecosystem. AQUAs can explore the world. Only 2-5 can form a combat team before exploring. They can battle against each other in matches held in different seasons or join guilds to venture together. Players can collect their pet AQUAs, train, battle, and ultimately create an AQUANEE Kingdom. The community developers can create their own tools and assets and enjoy unique game experiences in the AQUANEE universe. AQUANEE is a feature blockchain project that brings together social networking, play-to-earn, and multiplayer online gaming. AQUANEEs target players can be casual players, professional players, and players that collect NFT collectibles. The game allows players to collect different AQUAs and battle up to 5 AQUAs at once. Players will receive NEE tokens and other resource items during battles. With the tokens and resource items, players can create new AQUAs by breeding or evolving them. The tokens and resource items can also be used for purchasing survival materials or be sold in the market.

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