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Ambrus studio works as a team to deliver high quality web3 games. They are committed to developing long-lasting, memorable gaming experiences with the player’s experience at the core, and inspiring players to complete the transition from web2 to web3. Ambrus Studio believes it is necessary for the studio to take the responsibility of bringing awareness to the growing climate change crisis, and therefore, they have built a fun game around it. A good game for a good cause. Likewise, they are concerned about the future of mankind and our planet — Earth. Especially at a time when the effects of climate change are becoming increasingly prominent. Therefore, the team at Ambros Studio shares the mission with the player, “Good Game for Good Cause”, creating more value through the power of game. E4Cverse is a truly Free-to-play game, where the player experience comes first and as a fun and high-quality gaming that will bring millions of Web2 gamers into Web3. As a gamer you will get the same great experience whether you are from web2 or web3, whether you have been involved in any gaming metaverse before or not.

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