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The goal of this game is to be at the forefront of gaming trends and bring fun and value to our players through innovative blockchain technology. Insanely addictive and deeply strategic turn based tactics game that can be enhanced through playing with your owned Voxies from the NFT project. Deep strategy and tactical role playing battles :Turn based combat that will challenge your tactical skills to their limits. Easy to get into, but hard to master Huge variety and endless battle combinations: 10 different races and over 20 unique classes to master, each with unique skills and abilities, that each bring something different to the battlefield. Seamlessly integrates with Voxies NFTs: Bring your unique Voxies to life in Voxie Tactics and play with your owned digital assets. Free to play and play to earn: You can earn VOXEL tokens and item NFTs in the game and you have full ownership of your assets. Earn weapons and item NFTs directly in the game as you play.

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