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Alpha League RacingUnder development
Alpha League Racing is one of the first racing games to be built on the Solana blockchain, which is a groundbreaking endeavor in the world of blockchain-based racing games. Uniqueness characterizes the vehicles in the opening round. One must have an ALR vehicle to participate and earn tokens. Anyone who enjoys themselves while behind the wheel is welcome to join. The development team has regularly released updates, including new features and playable maps. Only one or two of the game's cars and tracks are playable in the demo. You may think of this as a taster for the entire game, as anyone can jump in for a casual race and get a feel for the controls and the overall feel. Owning an Alpha League Racing car is a must for participating in the full play-to-earn game. You can enter legitimate races with this NFT vehicle and compete for the game token.

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ALR - Game Update 6 - Spaceverse
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