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Adamant Mine is an NFT Game where you play-to-earn, donate to charity, and burn game that employs 2-d pixelated type graphics wherein the user will have to mine as much adamant blocks as he can.

ADAMANT Mine is the official NFT game for Adamant Coin:

Adamant Mine is a game that allows the players to EARN, DONATE, and BURN.

– Earn real Tokens by mining as many $ADMC blocks as possible and claiming them at any time.

– Donate $ADMC Tokens to the charity wallet.

– Drive up the value of those tokens by burning 5% of each transaction.


The game employs 2D pixelated/block type graphics.

The goal is to be able to mine as many $ADMC blocks as possible with simple left, down, right movements.

Once you go below the depth of a block, you’re unable to go up to a higher depth.

The game has two game modes: Normal mode and Survival Mode.

There will be 4 types of blocks that can be mined:

1. Soil (empty) block – which gives no rewards – 76% spawn chance

2. $ADMC block – which employs the earn, donate, and burn – 2% spawn chance

3. Diamond (energy) block – which gives 3 extra energy to the player – 7% spawn chance

4. Bomb block – which causes the player to die and lose 20 energy – 15% spawn chance

At the end of every quarter, all tax collected by the charity wallet will be donated to the community charity of choice, which the Adamant community voted for throughout the quarter.

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