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Reimagine the world of racing and NFTs with 22 Racing Series, where Hot Wheels meets Gran Turismo to give you a futuristic, fast, easy-to-play, and FUN racing experience on every level! Customize your vehicles, race track, and the environment, partake in tournaments, and take your futuristic ride on a thrilling and exciting racetrack designed to truly test your skills.

As you play and win, you get to earn the $GOATI token – which you can either spend on upgrading your car, boosting your performance, trade with other players, or convert into $SOUL for value. Each upgrade adds to your racing experience and improves the value of your vehicle, which on its own is your personal NFT. Employ the best build strategies and then drive over 1,000 miles per hour in this Phantasma Chain-based game to leave your opponents in the dust!


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